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Confident leaders have long had executive coaches. Whether someone is newly appointed, or has been in a role for years, having someone available as a coach can support an individual’s continued development and success.

Today’s public organizations are challenging for leaders – whether a mid-manager, department head, assistant city or county manager, or chief executive.

Executive coaching can benefit leaders new to their roles, and those aspiring for higher positions. Individuals who are interested in improving and growing in particular aspects of their leadership, and technical experts who wish to broaden their leadership skills, can benefit from executive coaching. Raftelis’ executive coaches support local government and utility leaders with a practitioner’s approach.

Effective local government and utility leaders…

The primary purpose of coaching is to help the person being coached improve professionally and be most successful in their organization.

An executive coach works in partnership with an individual in identifying professional development goals and can offer questions that can help a manager figure out the right path for a particular situation.  Coaching can be an opportunity to help an individual realize that a course correction is needed or prepare for a promotion.

Our coaches are up-to-date on local government and utility trends and best practices. They are experienced practitioners who are trained to…

In the coaching process, the individual will receive:

Through executive coaching, an individual can discover…

Your local government or utility agency can get started now by engaging a Raftelis coach to work with your leaders and aspiring leaders.

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