Webinar: Cleaner rivers, resilient communities: Keys to stormwater funding for the Northeast

Communities in the Northeast need more dedicated stormwater program funding. Stringent regulations, increased flooding, and community expectations for a higher level of service mean aging infrastructure can’t keep up, and capital costs keep rising. 

This webinar highlights what large communities and small towns are doing to create sustainable stormwater revenue sources.

Hear from Boston Water and Sewer Commission, the Town of Westford (MA), and the Town of Hudson (MA) as they share how they created their stormwater utilities. In addition, New England attorney Jim Steinkrauss will present legal considerations for the region.

Key takeaways include an overview of the process, legal considerations, and how to involve the public and governing bodies early in the decision-making process. Participants will learn key steps to fund their stormwater infrastructure and program sustainably.

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