Cassandra Deck-Brown
Principal Consultant

Cassandra Deck-Brown


Master of Public Administration – North Carolina State University (1995); Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – East Carolina University (1987)


Certified Instructor – NCDOJ (1995-Present); Leadership in Homeland Security – Harvard (2018)


About Cassandra

Cassandra Deck-Brown led the Raleigh Police Department as the Chief of Police. In her 34 years of service, she navigated through the RPD ranks, often as the first woman or the first African American to assume a role or obtain a rank throughout her career. Cassandra implemented and oversaw high-profile initiatives and best practices including nationally recognized programs that embodied community engagement and law enforcement best practices. Ranging from a body-worn camera program, to a Citizen’s Police Academy, a Youth Summit, Reality-Based Training, community coalitions, and police analytics. With strategic planning on a department level and municipal level, she has effectively forecasted budget needs premised on crime data, predictive policing models and Intelligence-Led Policing. Her leadership was instrumental in model policy formation for body-worn cameras, understanding the LGBT Community, unmanned aerial systems, and community policing, and designing a state of the art 60,000-sf training facility and police museum. With executive oversight, she directed an organizational health and wellness program and developed services for the greater community specific to homelessness and mental health. As a Principal Consultant with Raftelis, Cassandra’s focus on public safety becomes most relevant to reimagining policing in the 21st century.