Raftelis celebrating 20th anniversary

January 01, 2013

Raftelis is happy to announce that in 2013 we will be celebrating our firm’s 20th anniversary.

In 1993, Raftelis was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina as Raftelis Environmental Consulting Group, Inc. Since then, Raftelis has developed into one of the nation’s leading firms specializing in financial, rate, and management consulting for the water industry, with a staff of about 40 consultants in our six offices across the country. While our services have evolved over the years, Raftelis has always maintained a strict focus on the financial and management aspects of utilities, allowing us to provide our clients with independent and objective advice founded on industry best practices.

“Raftelis’ goal has always been to provide innovative services that help utilities function as sustainable organizations while providing the public with clean water at an affordable price,” said Raftelis’ founder, George Raftelis. “It is very rewarding to look back at all of the utilities we have assisted over the last 20 years, and to feel like Raftelis has played a role in helping them meet their goals and objectives. We have been pleased to be a part of the evolution of our industry and are looking forward to our continued service in the future.”

To see a timeline of our firm’s history, click here.