Westin Technology Solutions is Now Raftelis


Raftelis helps local governments and utilities thrive, and an important part of how we grow to serve this need is to acquire great organizations with the talent and skills our clients seek.

Raftelis acquired Westin Technology Solutions in 2021 because of its rich 40-year history of partnering with utilities to overcome their unique technological challenges. We’re thrilled to have this team join us, as we understand technology’s critical role in achieving financial stability, exceptional customer service, robust infrastructure, and efficient operations.

Now, as Raftelis, legacy Westin employees joined with new Raftelis employees, continue to share their management consulting and technology expertise. Together, we continue to focus on leveraging technology for improvements in customer service and utility billing, maintenance and asset management, financial and human resource management, and strategic technology planning, and other critical challenges of tomorrow’s utility.

Learn more about our technology services here, or to contact us directly, please reach out by phone or email.

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