Raftelis to present at WEF’s transformative issues symposium on workforce

August 08, 2019

Raftelis works with utilities and public sector organizations all over the country to help them achieve their highest potential. It’s more important than ever that utility leaders recognize how quickly things are changing in the industry and examine how well the skills and competencies of their staff are able to address those changes. Raftelis Vice President Darin Thomas will be on a panel this Friday at WEF’s Transformative Issues Symposium on Workforce in Washington, DC He’ll be introducing S.C.I.P., which helps organizations build their internal capacity for strategy, change, innovation, and performance. He will be joined by Kelley Dearing Smith of Louisville Water Company and Raftelis Manager Rich McGillis, who works in tandem with Montgomery County Environmental Services Ms. Dearing and Mr. McGillis will share their direct experience using S.C.I.P. to help drive positive change in their workforces.