Raftelis’ statement on the George Floyd verdict

April 23, 2021

The country has been awaiting the outcome of the trial of the former police officer accused of murdering George Floyd. You likely followed the trial, seeing the highlights on the news. Many of us felt sadness and anxiety during the trial, and from the time of the event that led to it. For some of our employees, clients, and colleagues, this trial brought deep feelings of fear and anger because it represented a painful past that is still present today. Most of all, this trial brought forward years of worry that they, or their friends or family, will be victims of violence and injustice. 

For some, this trial—and the year that led to it—have been utterly exhausting. The trial is now over, and the historic verdict is known. The leadership and entire Board of Raftelis want to recognize how difficult this must be and offer our compassion and understanding. We value you and your contributions, and we recognize that there may be times that constant reminders of racial injustice have made it very difficult to focus.  The DEI Employee Resource Group and all management is available if our employees need to discuss these issues or how you are impacted; racial injustice and inequity affect different people in different ways. 

At Raftelis, we help local governments and utilities thrive. To do this, we must draw strength from our diversity, seek out people with all kinds of lived experiences, and strive to create the changes our clients seek to transform their organizations. To create change, we have to examine our own views and actions in light of this pain that others feel and that is often ignored. For those who have never had to overcome implicit bias, discrimination, and racial injustice, be an ally and be willing to learn. To our Black employees, clients, and colleagues, you matter a great deal to us.  

There is always more work to be done. We commit to being a part of the change we need to create a better, more just world for all.  


Peiffer A. Brandt
Chief Executive Officer

Andre Powell
Board Member