Training to meet local government and utility needs

March 02, 2023

Get ready to collaborate, learn, and grow. The Raftelis Performance Academy is the only training program in the country designed to meet the unique needs of local government and utility professionals. Helping build skills ranging from leadership to communication, public sector professionals can be certain they’ll gain powerful skills from the experienced coaches leading their trainings. Check out these programs coming up in April!

Conquer communications

Government agencies face a range of communication challenges that can impact their ability to effectively communicate and engage with the public. Our series of strategic communications workshops will enhance your success by covering all aspects of communications, media, crisis, and public engagement. You can choose to participate in individual courses or create your own strategic communications boot camp by bundling them for savings.

Register now to join us April 17-21

Lean into leading 

We’re bringing decades of leadership experience in the local government and utility sectors to your fingertips this spring. The Raftelis Performance Academy’s Transformative Local Government Leaders and Transformative Utility Leaders programs are built specifically for local government and utility professionals, providing a space to share experiences, collaborate, and explore shared challenges. Use these courses to immerse yourself in topics including authentic leadership, strategic planning and visioning, innovation and change management, and communications. We encourage participation from anyone who might be interested in becoming a leader, or existing leaders.

Transformative Local Government Leaders – Register now to join us April 25-28

Transformative Utility Leaders – Register now to join us May 9-12