City of Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, United States

The City of Aspen (City) retained Raftelis to conduct a staffing and operations assessment of its Police Department. Aspen is a ski resort community with a year-round population of 7,365 that swells to approximately 27,000 during “high season.” This study evaluated the City’s police staffing and deployment approach within the context of workload patterns and trends to determine what opportunities may exist to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s public safety services.

To accomplish these tasks, we conducted extensive fieldwork that involved interviews with members of the Police Department and the City’s administrative support team, as well as tours of the City and the police facility. Our team also requested and analyzed background information provided by Police Department staff. A thorough review of its core functions and activities was accomplished by evaluating budget information, workload measures, performance indicators, and other relevant data about operations and administration. This data was evaluated using a multi-faceted analytical approach that takes into account service expectations and goals, practical operational constraints, and data-derived issue analysis and validation. This process resulted in a series of staffing, administrative, and operational recommendations unique to Aspen’s specific operating environment.