City of Newport Beach

Newport Beach, California, United States

The City of Newport Beach (City) provides water service to more than 60,000 people (26,000 customer accounts) over 11 square miles in southern California. The City hired Raftelis to conduct a water rate study to ensure revenue needs will be met in the coming years. As part of the study scope, Raftelis designed a strategic communications plan to accomplish three goals: 1) Increase awareness of the value of the water services the City provides; 2) Improve customer understanding of the need to invest in infrastructure now to ensure that service levels meet customer expectations in the future; and 3) Inform customers about potential rate increases and associated customer bill impacts.

Raftelis is provided strategic planning, messaging, creative design, and all accompanying communication tools and materials. Our strategy included robust public information and engagement activities designed to promote understanding and support/acceptance of the new rates. A key element of our work was to ensure the City’s full compliance with Proposition 218, which requires specific details in communications pieces and public notices before the City can lawfully consider a water rates increase.

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