Metro Wastewater Reclamation District

Denver, Colorado, United States

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (MWRD) is a large regional wastewater utility serving the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. The organization had been operating according to a strategic plan that was several years old and had been developed under the direction of a former General Manager. As a result of the growth in the area, a dynamic operating environment, and changes in the Board and Management, MWRD decided to develop a new strategic plan with active participation of both Board and management personnel. They wanted to utilize a process that was broad and deep within the organization to assure: clarity about the priorities and direction of the utility; consistency during periods of change and uncertainty; commitment of the Board, management, employees, and other key stakeholders to the organization; and proper allocation of resources.

Raftelis was engaged to design and facilitate a process that resulted in a strategic plan that:

  • Established a clearly articulated and understood vision.
  • Defined MRWD’s ultimate goals and how their achievement will be measured.
  • Allocated the organization’s financial, organizational, and political resources toward achieving those goals.
  • Evaluated the financial implications of the business strategy with respect to the implementation costs, financial benefits expected, and impact on rates.
  • Energized management and staff as a team dedicated to effective implementation and committed to achieving short- and long-term success.
  • Took corrective action as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Key tasks for this project were to:

  • Solicit input from Board, management, employees and external stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and a survey.
  • Conduct a Foundation Workshop with a Core Strategic Planning Team (consisting of Board members and management personnel) to develop MWRD’s vision, values, mission and goals.
  • Support goal teams of MWRD employees that are currently working to delve into the respective goals to suggest potential measures and strategies.
  • Conduct a strategy workshop with the Core Strategic Planning Team to select the measures and strategies for implementation
  • Work with Goal teams to analyze potential impact of strategy implementation.
  • Finalize the strategic plan.
  • Develop implementation plans presenting who, what, when and resources required for implementation.

Upon completion of the strategic plan in 2016, MWRD had a committed team of employees focused on implementing a well-designed set of strategies supported by the Board that will enable the organization to achieve its vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

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