Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

In keeping with the city’s high-tech water industry, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is an innovative organization that provides a unique service, capturing and treating 98.5% of the wastewater generated across a 348-square mile service area while pursuing cutting-edge sustainability initiatives. MMSD initiated a strategic planning process in August 2018, and selected Raftelis to facilitate its development of an organizational vision and a framework for guiding the District over a three year time horizon. The plan came at an exciting time for MMSD, as over the next three years, the District will publish its 2050 Facilities Plan, continue to invest in clean energy, and make system-wide investments in both green and grey infrastructure to ensure that its operations remain reliable.

While the high-level plan does not capture all of the District’s work, it identifies key priorities to help achieve MMSD’s 2035 Vision, including a goal of zero overflows and basement backups. The strategic plan establishes direction, increases accountability, and aids decision-making, while reflecting the insight and feedback of employees, partners, and community members who participated in an extensive stakeholder involvement process. The District viewed the plan as the continuation of a conversation about how MMSD can best protect public health, enhance economic opportunities, and protect the environment as it works together with stakeholders to create a more resilient region.

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