National Water and Sewerage Authority of Grenada

Grenada, Caribbean

Raftelis completed a tariff review study for the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) of Grenada in 2019. NAWASA is Grenada’s national water and sewer utility, providing service to approximately 38,000 accounts, making up the majority of the Grenadian population. The study involved an analysis of customer characteristics and trends, a review of NAWASA’s current tariffs and an analysis of alternative tariffs, development of an Excel-based financial model, and development of a five-year financial plan that sufficiently funds NAWASA’s operating costs, debt obligations, and necessary capital and regulatory expenditures.

The study included several site visits by Raftelis staff to gather stakeholder input about financial policies and goals, as well as extensive financial and operational information to accurately model and forecast the organization’s finances. Through the on-site meetings and webinars, NAWASA and Raftelis staff crafted a financial and rate plan to present to the NAWASA Board, then to the country’s ministers, who ultimately decide on utility rate matters.

The study showed significant financial needs over the next five years, but NAWASA staff, with Raftelis’ assistance, was able to demonstrate the need for increased revenues, as well as a plan for how to reach all financial goals necessary to maintain the health of the organization. The Committee of Ministers approved NAWASA and Raftelis’ proposal for new rates, thus positioning the organization for future success as the nation’s premier provider of drinking water and sewerage services.