New York Section of AWWA

Fayetteville, New York, United States

Like many membership organizations, the New York Section of AWWA struggled to communicate information on emerging issues quickly and concisely in a way that gets the message recipient to act as intended. Whether that’s getting information to members about the need to contact members of the legislature on pending legislation or developing talking points that can be used by members to engage elected officials on these issues, the section wanted to improve their process to be more effective. Raftelis worked with NYSAWWA staff and the Public Affairs and Water Utility committees to identify current communication channels and create a process that can be adopted by the NYSAWWA Board that connects effective communication on emerging issues to identified audiences.

This project included effectively communicating about emerging issues (especially water quality) and relies on effective risk communications. Raftelis worked with NYSAWWA to identify unique components to these emerging water quality issues for the State of New York, then created a messaging platform that is specific to these issues.

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