City of Burlington

Burlington, Vermont, United States

Raftelis was initially engaged by the City of Burlington (City) to provide bond feasibility support for a debt issuance associated with the City’s sewer utility. We developed a sewer financial planning model that forecasted the City’s sewer operating and capital expenses over a 20-year forecast period, to analyze the impact of financing annual capital expenditures on rate increases and subsequently debt service coverage. Raftelis developed a forecast of rate increases which will fully suffice the City’s annual revenue needs as well as required debt service covenants.  

Raftelis is now engaged by the City to develop a fully integrated financial planning model for its water, sewer, and stormwater utilities. This model will allow the City to perform in-depth, as well as high-level, financial planning analyses to adequately plan for upcoming capital expenditures, or changes in operating expenses and the City’s customer base. The model is equipped with a user-friendly dashboard to allow the City to toggle key assumptions and view real-time results of various scenarios.