North Texas Municipal Water District

Wylie, Texas, United States

Over the last 60 years the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has quietly grown from a small operation on the outskirts of Dallas to a major U.S. water utility with over 1.6 million customers across an area the size of the State of Delaware. Rapid growth has stretched water resources, taxed assets, and created organizational challenges. NTMWD is tackling these challenges head on and becoming a world-class utility in the process. Working with Raftelis, NTMWD engaged stakeholders in innovative ways, implementing new strategies, and using new performance assessment techniques.

Challenged both by the rate of growth and by its extreme geographic reach, NTMWD asked Raftelis to conduct an organizational assessment to evaluate its operating practices and staffing levels. The goal was to improve the delivery of affordable services and evolve into a leader in the utility industry. The scope of the effort was of such size that it was divided into two phases. Phase I assessed the Wastewater Division and the shared support services, while Phase II assessed the Water Division. Services provided include:

  • Reviewing staffing level needs both in terms of quantity and function
  • Assessing workforce support functions, including HR policies, safety, and training
  • Evaluating operating practices and conditions at facilities
  • Asset management activities including cost benefit analyses
  • Assessing how centralized maintenance functions are delivered to remote facilities
  • Conducting workshops with Executive Leadership to validate findings and to maintain communication as to the Study’s progress
  • Surveying staff as to their views of the District’s performance in relation to the principles of Effective Utility Management (EUM)
  • Benchmarking the District’s performance to other peer utilities and national standards

Raftelis identified many opportunities for the District to improve its organization. In addition to a range of specific recommendations, Raftelis developed five initiatives to transform the organization: Safety and Risk Management; Training; Asset Management; Maintenance; and Total Quality Operations. Raftelis worked with NTMWD to implement several of the elements of these initiatives and has completed a training master plan. Raftelis has also assisted with updating and reformulating job descriptions for several operations positions.

In conjunction with the organizational development and performance improvement services, Raftelis has provided facilitation services and financial planning to aid in strategic partnering between the District and its member and customer cities and is working with the District’s Board on strengthening member relationships.